Monday, August 30, 2010

Rosemary is my new favorite herb

We have a bi-monthly dinner group with our favorite neighbors. I've always felt embarrassed because I'm not a gourmet cook like they are. Our table stuff is rather worn out from 6 kids. Karen Foreman mentioned such fancy decorations they have on the cooking network that they are called "Tablescapes" Also, we've never had steak knives or matching silverware or good napkins, napkin rings or even a decent looking salt and pepper shaker set. So I watched Giada De Laurenti and Barefoot Contessa episodes on the food network and came up with a Mediterranean meal---- I went to the Great Indoors and picked out just new place mats and napkins....100$. Put them back and went to hobby lobby and walmart and Sam's club where things cost 1/4th as much and they had purple grapes the size of plums and made the rest of the stuff I needed myself. Kevin, A guy who in the past brought liver pate shaped like a pineapple, walked in, saw the table and said, what nice presentation! And when we ate the food, someone else said "You've really outdone yourself!" I made Mediterranean chicken in foil packets with sundried tomatoes, feta and fresh basil on top. And Mark cooked up a zucchini potato pancake with Italian cream cheese on top.

Steve Foreman thought the napkins would make good dew rags.

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Celeste said...

Wow mom, the table looks gorgeous! I LOVE finding good deals.