Monday, September 06, 2010

A Labor Day Family Reunion

Preston, Tiana and Austin drove my eclipse over. Bryce, Marcia, Sam and Lucas came in their car with Bryce's Mtn bike. We had a glorious 2 days. The boys went on a bike hike while we went to Plum creek stables to ride horses. The wrangler was really talkative and they called him "slim" Marcia's horse was very gentle and slow, mine wanted to eat and trot all the time and had huge sides. Danica had a really great horse named Mississippi and I'd go back and ride that one. It was so great to be out on the trail near Chatfield reservoir with people I love and on horses too! We pulled out a box and it was the kids "magic school bus"
We've lived in our house for 16 years and the tree in the back yard is big enough to shade us for an outdoor picnic. Then we watched BYU football and Tiana and Preston went to the Aquarium.
Sunday we all went to church and it was so great to take up the whole row. Lucas had a little jewelry box from China with 3 small objects in it and played with it over and over again, opening it up and calling it his spaceship. Lily was at her best, no biting this whole weekend and played happily with the other grand kids. Sammy and Jensen had a great time playing as well. Sunday night we had a gourmet dinner and afterward a Jewelry making party with my friend Jackie and her kids Baylynn and Tory.


Aqualung said...

You managed to host an incredible weekend of family and fun. Well done and the table and food was fantastic.

Mikidees said...

An awsome weekend ma!

AuSsIE said...

I liked lily's mullet better!