Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Women and Horses in Cavalia

Dad surprised me with tickets to Cavalia. We had great seats and saw that:

Cavalia is not a circus. It's a production built around the relationship between people and horses.

There was a "horse whisperer" named Sylvia. She's a Liberty trainer – a natural horsemanship discipline in which the horse responds to tone, voice commands and body movement instead of whips and restraints. Nine Arabians precede her on stage, one by one. They don't wear bridles or saddles. Nearly all are stallions, typically known for fighting and playing. It's Sylvia's job to keep them playing and to lead them into precision work.

"What I've learned is that horses love attention. They have personalities you can't imagine," she says.

Cavalia is for horse lovers, an innovative multimedia extravaganza. Blending dramatic visual effects, live music, dance and acrobatics with the bold presence of over sixty magnificent horses.


Aqualung said...

You have many of those same skills that you use on me all the time and you don't use restraints either. We had a great time and I'm so glad we went.

Celeste said...

That looks amazing mom, I'm so glad you saw it!

Mikidees said...

Good job dad. Cool horses.